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Pams Path to Travel
"Making your dream vacation...
...a dream come to true!!"

Call: (650) 363-6156 | Email:


Pam was amazing from start to finish.  She was prompt to answer questions, thoughtful with her suggestions, and amazing at fitting the vacation to fit our extended family.  Always interesting when you have four families and they all want something just a little different, but Pam made it effortless.  

Can't wait to work with her again on our Mediterranean Cruise!   - Roy C., Pacifica CA


I just finished planning my first-ever cruise to Alaska with my two kids, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with Pam. During my initial research, I have to admit that I was tempted to go for the lowest price offered through Costco Travel. But as much as I'm a fan of shopping at Costco, I'm so glad I didn't.

Pam offers so much more than a wholesale-priced package: She's incredibly responsive, ultra-friendly, terrific with details, and impeccably professional. And she represents the best that a small travel agency can offer - true customer service and wide-ranging insights into the vacation experience that I would never get from one of the Costco phone reps. (And wouldn't you know it: When Pam booked my cruise, she said all of the gratuities were included!)

She took the time to patiently answer my gazillion questions, including the benefits of various cabin types, mid-ship placement to minimize the effects of motion sickness, and feedback about various excursions. One of the biggest timesavers was Pam's skill for searching through all of the cruise line options and zero in on exactly what I needed, based on my preferences - something that would have taken me way too long to do.

In short, Pam is *AMAZING*. :) -  Kathy L., Redwood Shores, CA


Pam did a fabulous job by going above and beyond to prepare our Travel to Europe this summer!   I gave Pam the towns that we wanted to visit and she did the rest, on time and under budget.  

Our family had the most amazing, memorable time in Europe, we visited France, Italy and Germany.  Each of the custom tours were hand picked by Pam and over the top fun and worth the visit. In addition, Pam was very good at keeping our cost low, but we never felt as though we traveled on a budget.   This was the best way to book a vacation, I would trust Pam to book any of my travel and highly recommend her for your travel.  She is a well informed and knowledgeable top travel agent.  She knows what she is doing!  Thank you again Pam.  I can't wait to book my next vacation with you.  Hawaii here we come! -  Pam T., Redwood City, CA


Pam booked a cruise for my family on Celebrity Solstice. We cruised from Seattle to the Alaska inside passage and on up to Skagway. Pam took care of ALL of our travel plans. We all flew in to Seattle from different areas of the state of California. She booked a fabulous hotel for us in Seattle for a one night stay prior to boarding our ship. She included all sorts of little extras that ended up being BIG extras. Pam goes the extra mile for her clients. She is prompt and professional and delightful to work with. No matter where I live, I will use Pam as my travel agent.   - Robin W., Roseville, CA


I've known Pam for almost 31 years and she's been my personal travel agent since she finished travel school almost 25 years ago! My first booking with her was my honeymoon back in 1991 to Cancun and she's been booking my trips since. My trips where she has joined us were even better simply because I had the benefit and reassurance that if anything came up during our trip, she could handle it. I've booked cruises, air, all-inclusive packages and land trips with Pam. My most recent trip was my 50th Birthday Cruise to Ensenada this past March with a group of 12 friends. She took care of everything and I didn't have to worry about a thing. Pam is very knowledgeable on anything travel and the queen of cruising, being that she's personally been on over 30 cruises! She's extremely detailed oriented and very organized. She's also very timely in getting back with you via email or by phone addressing your questions or obtaining info she needs. Once you're her client, she is "on it" when it comes to taking care of your travel plans. - Janet W.- Santa Clara CA


I have been working with Pam for over 12 years now. She really is the best of the best. Her accessibility and 24/7 availability are the perfect travel partnership to the on the go nature of hi tech business needs. She leaves no stone unturned when looking for 'bargain' travel, she knows all the top vendors for luxury travel, she always has multiple scenarios to offer for business itineraries, she will check on things at odd hours to make sure travel is smooth - it doesn't get any better than this! HIGHLY recommend!  - Tracy N, Belmont CA


I have been working with Pam for over 9 years now. I am both a private and also also a corporate client. As a corporate client, I book between 5 and 25 trips per month through her (usually hotel, air and rental car) and Pam always responds quickly with good pricing and helpful suggestions. If there were every any problems, she was quick to resolve them and help out in any way possible. Great customer service all around. I was so impressed with Pam's work that I also started using her for some of my private travel, for example a trip to Disneyland recently. Pam's insight was super helpful, it would have taken me hours to research everything that she set up for me and told me about in a few emails. We had the best trip and a lot of it was due to Pam's knowledge. I am giving Pam my highest recommendation!  - Sonya, PCA - Mt. View, CA



I have traveled all over the world and used a number of travel agents over the years. That is, until I found Pam. 


On a recent trip to France the airline I was flying went on strike and I was stuck in Zurich!  I had used some frequent flyer miles and not booked my ticket through Pam but she was the first person I contacted for help.  She dedicated hours of her time to find my solution.  I got an e-mail back with a number to call locally in Zurich, instructions on how to use it, and what to ask for.  I called the airlines that evening and was immediately given new flights home on the same day, at no cost, and I was able to get the best seats I have ever gotten without an extra fee.


You get more from Pam than a reservation - once you are one of Pam’s clients it is a package deal.   Pam offers round trip service; she is with you until you get home safely. Try getting that from an Internet service. 



Debra Amundson

Rohnert Park, California



Thank you, Pam, for all of your help. Our honeymoon was beyond our dreams. We have been on a lot of vacations together and separately in many different places, and we both agreed this was by far the best vacation ever!! The condo was perfect--spacious with a balcony over looking the gardens and ocean. The activities were all amazing, especially the helicopter ride and sunset cruise. The flight and car rental were well organized and went off without a problem. It was just a great way for us to relax and enjoy each other's company after the craziness of the wedding. And we couldn't have done it without you. We will definitely refer you to our friends and look forward to working with you again soon!!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love, Julia and Steffen (Married 6-23-07)

P.S. Oh, our guests all loved the registry! They said it was so easy to use and loved being able to contribute to the vacation. It was fun because they were all very interested in how things went and wanted to see the pictures because they had contributed. It was wonderful!


Pam Harper has been taking care of our travel needs, both corporately and personally, since 1989. She has consistently demonstrated her reliability and knowledge of her business. Pam is always looking for ways to save us money while getting us great deals, whether for airline travel or for hotel accommodations. She handles all requests promptly and efficiently, and always with a smile and a can-do attitude. I wouldn't think of entrusting our travel requirements to anyone else.

Hussein Enan Chairman, CEO - InsWeb Corporation


I have worked with Pam for close to 18 years for both business and pleasure travel arrangements. Her knowledge and professionalism make for a smooth experience each and every time!

-Julie Venosa, Kertesz Fine Art Gallery, San Francisco


Pam has helped my family plan a number of vacations, including a Caribbean cruise and a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. Pam carefully listens to our requests, asks helpful questions and then offers us options that she thinks will meet our needs and desires. She patiently helps us sort out endless variations and offers her suggestions based on her own experience and those of other customers. Pam is always professional and pleasant. She wants to make sure we have a wonderful vacation and, invariably, we do!

~Lisa M. Torres, Global Downstream Financial Analysis


For my parents 50th anniversary celebration, Pam suggested and arranged a Carnival cruise from Los Angeles, CA to Mexico for a large family of 24. Pam coordinated all the cabins so that we could all be close by to each other. Carnival is a family oriented ship and that was the best choice for us. Pam was able to procure cabin vouchers to spend any way we wanted. The cruise was a huge success and there was something for everyone. We all talk about doing it again soon!! 

Sincerely, The Brodnitz Family