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Vegas- Oct 2017- Cosmopolitan

Las Vegas- October 2017

Cosmopolitan Resort Hotel



As I write this review, it is currently September 2019.  I fell seriously behind in updating my website and staying on top of at least writing reviews at the time of travel or shortly thereafter.  So this is going to be brief!   I do have a great memory though and pictures help!!

For starters, we visit Las Vegas at least once a year.   Often times, my travel conference is in Las Vegas,  we sometimes attend the Vegas Dance Explosion conference (line dance conference) & then every now and then there is a continuing educational event for my fitness career that we'll combine a little education with a fun weekend in Las Vegas. There was a time that I really hated to go to Las Vegas and had zero interest.  Things have changed, I have a very FUN partner in life who is game for anything.  When we go to Vegas we will explore new restaurants, stay at different hotels so that I can be better informed about options to assist my clients with their decisions, we sometimes take in a show or concert and depending upon the weather, we evaluate the pool atmosphere! 

On this particular weekend in Vegas, we went for my fitness continuing education (well I went for that) & as luck would have it, it was also the weekend for the NHRA drag races which is my husband's sporting passion.  This worked out very well, Saturday morning I drove to my fitness event and he took an Uber to the race track, we eventually met back at the hotel for our FUN evening with dinner and dancing!   The weekend that we traveled was just about a month after the Vegas mass shooting at the Country Concert, so we had purchased these shirts #countrystrong to wear and show our support for Vegas and for the Country community.  We received so many "thanks" and words of respect and appreciation, it was very emotional to visit so soon after such a tragic event.

We arrived Thursday evening and checked in to our room, had a late dinner at the hotel in the equivalent of their coffee shop/pub and decided to enjoy the view from our balcony with a bottle of wine.  This is one of my favorite things about the Cosmopolitan, many of their rooms feature balconies and we had a Bellagio fountain view- we sat outside, weather was gorgeous and just watched the fountain show over and over again. 

On Friday, we slept in a little bit and then walked over to the Venetian to meet a friend for lunch.  We had met one of the loveliest families from British Columbia on a trip to Jamaica about 9-10 years prior and have kept in touch via Facebook.  As luck would have it, Marianne was in Vegas the same weekend for a wedding - so we met up at Buddy V's in the Venetian for lunch.  Bill & I have dined here before and it was delicous then and it was delicious now!   We had a wonderful lunch and great time catching up with Marianne. 

The remainder of the day we had planned to spend poolside, though I have to say Cosmopolitan does not have a great pool area, we were there mid-afternoon, all the chairs were "occupied", mostly with personal items/towels, so it was hard to tell which chairs were actually taken or vacant.  The sun had moved almost behind the hotel itself, so much of the pool area was beginning to be shaded.  We decided to just hang out on our balcony so that we had some fresh-air, read a book, etc.  Very relaxed.   We had dinner at the Steakhouse "Beauty & Essex" inside the Cosmopolitan- dinner was fantastic!  Afterwards, we did what we do on a Friday night- GILLEYS!   We love our country music and love our country dancing, we had a great time and also visited our shoeshine friend who is always set up right by the bathrooms next to Gilley's!

Saturday, of course a day of fitness for me, Drag races for Bill, but afterwards we went to dinner off the strip to a Mexican restaurant call Casa Don Juan.  The taxi driver that took Bill back to the hotel after the drag races had recommended this restaurant.  It was a very good & authentic Mexican restaurant.  We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and it was a quick and easy Uber ride to and from.  We stopped by Gilley's on our way back, did some dancing and then finished off the evening on our balcony enjoying the lights and energy that is Las Vegas!


We came home Sunday- it was overall a great weekend & I would definitely stay at the Cosmopolitan again as long as pool time was not going to be on the agenda!


To see more pictures of our trip & of the Cosmopolitan Resort,  please click here: