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Pams Path to Travel
"Making your dream vacation...
...a dream come to true!!"

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Let's Get Started!

How does our process work to provide you with the vacation of your dreams?   

It's really as simple as 1-2-3! 



  • We will schedule a phone, zoom or in person meeting at a time that is convenient to all.  This should last approximately 30 minutes.
  • During this consultation, this is where we get to know you. We will discuss what sort of trip you are envisioning, what your travel preferences are, what hobbies you might have, any special requests for your trip along with desired budget.
  • We will touch on basic requirements for your travel:  passports, health requirements, etc.
  • I will explain my Trip Design process, options and fees. 
  • I will then send you the service agreement along with instructions on how you can pay any applicable planning fees.




  • We work with our trusted travel partners to create a trip that is customized specifically for you and designed according to everything that we discussed in your consultation appointment.
  • Once you receive the trip proposal, keep in mind that this is a starting place.  We will work with you to fine tune the details so that your trip is exactly what you are looking for, our goal is to present you with the trip of your dreams.  
  • After you have approved the trip proposal, we will take care of all reservations and inform you of required payments and keep track of all deadlines. We will remind you as deadlines approach and keep abreast of any new requirements that may arise during the trip planning process. 
  • We will also make sure that you are given options to protect your vacation investment.  Trip Insurance is a very important part of the trip planning process.
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive trip confirmation every time we apply a payment or make any changes or additions to your trip. 
  • We are just an email or phone call away for any questions you might have during this entire process. 




  • We will print any necessary trip documents required for your trip and present them to you in a timely manner prior to your departure.   We are available to review them with you if you have any questions.  This can usually be accomplished with a quick 10 minute conversation over the phone or zoom. 
  • We are here to answer any last minute questions that you may have to help prepare you for your trip.
  • We will make sure that you have all emergency phone numbers should something happen during your trip, you will know how best to proceed.  Most travel partners that we work with have 24/7 in-travel assistance in the event that you are unable to reach us personally. 
  • The only thing you need to do now is PACK YOUR BAGS and HAVE A WONDERFUL TRIP! 


Ready to plan your trip?   Send us an email with a few details & we'll be in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation: