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Pams Path to Travel
"Making your dream vacation...
...a dream come to true!!"

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Why You Need a Travel Advisor!!

I am more than your Travel Advisor.  Over the years, I have had friends become clients but more importantly, I have had clients become friends.   The Travel Advisor-Client relationship is one that is built over time.  We get to know each other; I learn about your travel preferences and previous travel experiences & I am completely invested in making sure that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible and provides you with life-lasting memories.

There are some trips that you could absolutely plan yourself, but why would you want to?


Travel Advisors will take care of every aspect of your trip.  Flights, hotels, Cruises, Limo Transfers, Excursions.   I can plan everything that you need and become your one-stop shop for all things travel related.


Because of my connections and relationships with my trusted industry partners, I am often able to include added amenities such as:  shipboard credits, included breakfast at select hotels and resorts, resort credits, spa credits, etc.   Aside from amenities, I work with a variety of tour companies who have contracted rates with amazing values & my expertise helps navigate to the best vacation option for you and your traveling party.


You could spend hours online, looking at a variety of websites, reading 100's of reviews from people you don't know and you will likely end up frustrated, confused and questioning yourself over and over again.  The internet can be helpful, but it can also increase stress levels and take up so much time.  I can save you hours of your precious time & planning your vacation becomes stress-free!


By working with me, your trusted Travel Advisor, I am here for you from the time we make first contact, through your trip until you return home.  I'm always a quick phone call or email away & if I happen to be out of the office or out of town I always leave a point of contact or touch base with you before I leave to cover any questions.  If there are any issues that need to be worked out, I have got your back.  The year 2020 put every Travel Advisor to the test.  We spent countless hours advocating on behalf of our clients for refunds, credits and making changes to existing trips.  Not to forget the hours and hours that we spent on hold with travel suppliers - that is time that our valued clients did NOT have to spend on hold to take care of things.


Yes, I am an expert in planning travel.  Do I know everything about every place? No, that would be impossible.  However with over 30 years of experience, I do have AMAZING contacts worldwide with whom I partner in order to craft your travel journey to any destination.  I stay informed on a variety of destinations, cruise ships, travel advisories and restrictions.   This includes staying on top of all the new Covid-19 travel restrictions and requirements that are going to impact travel going forward for a while.  LEARNING is part of my job and what keeps me fresh, so I am always advancing my education with Destination, Resort, Cruise line & other travel industry trainings.


Because I have traveled to a variety of destinations and I have taken over 50 cruises, I have knowledge that can greatly enhance your vacations and I can make suggestions that may never have occurred to you.


You can cut your own hair, you can paint your own nails (I really can't, Covid lockdown put this to the test), you can do your own taxes and you can paint your own house, but a Professional can do it better!!  You can plan your own vacation, but wouldn't you rather use the services & reap the benefits from your trusted Travel Advisor?