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Half Moon Bay ~ Ritz Carlton ~ April 2018

Half Moon Bay ~ Ritz Carlton ~ April 2018



As I mentioned in my 3 day Ensenada Cruise Review, when we cruised in January of 2018, we made a significant purchase with Park West Art Gallery during the art auctions on this very short 3 day cruise! As a result of that purchase, we were invited to spend 3 nights at the Ritz Carlton located in Half Moon Bay.  Park West Galleries covered 3 nights room/tax, they had organized breakfasts and dinners  with dancing/DJ entertainment for all 3 days as well.  Of course, they also had 3 auctions during the days that we were required to attend.   During these auctions they also featured 3 specific artists, one each day.  I believe this is why we were invited- they were having LEBO as the guest artist for one of the sessions and we had already purchased 3 pieces of his work on the cruise!   It was actually very nice to meet him, talk to him and later that evening we ran into him at the bar and had a conversation with him, his girlfriend and the auctioneer from Park West.   Of course, we started to "get" the message that we were invited because they pretty much expect you to purchase more!   But I was determind to stick to my guns, "our walls are complete",  "we have no more room", "I do not want to clutter up our walls", etc.  And then it happened!  LEBO announced that for this event, he had a one of a kind, new type of media that he was trying- acrylic sculptures and he presented us with the "Blessed Owl" sculpture.  "I will make as many of these as needed, so if you'd like one, please hold up your auction card", there were about 25 of us in the room who purchased the "Blessed Owl".   Probably cost us about 1/2 of what Park West paid to put us up for 3 nights for room & board!

I've always wanted to spend a night or two at the Ritz, but it had never worked out before.  This invitation came, our weekend was wide open and you can't pass up"FREE"- right?!   The folks at the Ritz Carlton were top notch. While being checked in, you are offered a glass of wine or champagne.   Any assistance you could possibly want, they are there for you.   Really wonderful service from the time we checked in until the time we checked out.   Our room was very comfortable and well taken care of.  We did have some free time during our stay so we invited friends to come join us for lunch who live nearby.  We had a wonderful lunch and visit with our friends, after lunch sat outside by the fire pits for awhile until they had to go home.

Later that afternoon, we received a card and a bottle of chilled sparkling Rose in the room, "just because".  The server knew we had enjoyed the beverage at lunch and sent us a bottle because she could!   I spoke to one of the bartenders later that night about it and found that Ritz Carlton employees are given a stipend so that they can send things to guests like this as part of their "service" and treating the guests as extra special.  I was very surprised and also honored that somehow we managed to spark that desire in her to send us a gift.  We really did enjoy our little coastal getaway, even if it wasn't really "free".   We do love our sculpture and it compliments our living room very nicely!   If you'd like to view more of our photos from the weekend- click here:  RITZ CARLTON HMB