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Cabo-Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos- October 2019


This review will be kept relatively short as this is my 2nd visit to the beautiful Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos in 4 years.   I would suggest that you read through my inital review first & then come back to read this update:  2015 Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Review

Overall, the property is still in very good shape.  I did not notice any wear and tear or anything that I think needs to be updated or repaired.   Still very good service, friendly staff and very good food for all meals.

This time around, I had a Club Ocean View room and we were situated very close to the beach with a great ocean view.  Access to the Club was "meh"- but I think in large part because they were renovating the outside balcony of the Club.  As a result, there was very little space to sit.  We did get a cocktail and snack on our arrival day because 3 of us arrived a couple hours prior to the rest of the group, we were hungry but suspected dinner would happen early once the rest of the gang arrived.   The food was good and the drinks were fine, the Club just seemed a little dark and small.  It's amazing what some outside light and space can do in terms of making things feel bigger.  I would like to try the Club Level again when the renovations are completed.  My room itself was identical to my room the previous time that I visited the Hyatt Ziva, except this time with a King bed.

For dining, we were able to try almost all of the restaurants.   The Italian restaurant was pretty good- large portions!  We ordered a few pizzas for appetizer and they were very good, then we had a variety of entrees, but the Chicken Piccata seemed to be the big winner.   We did the Japanese/Teppanyaki restaurant another night and all in all it was really good.  The steak was a little too done for my liking, but I had plenty of food already.  Part of our group went back to this restaurant one night to have sushi and said that everything was wonderful.   The Spanish restaurant was our least favorite, a few people ordered the Paella and didn't feel it was very tasty.  I had lamp chops and a few others ordered ox chops, which looked like a rib-eye steak.  My lamp chops were fantastic, cooked to perfection.  The night some of our group did Sushi, 4 of us went to the French Restaurant and all agreed that it was our favorite.  I had ordered Rack of Lamb that night and it was also very good.  The Melting Chocolate Cake in the French Restaurant was excellent! Our last night we were going to try La Hacienda which is the steakhouse.  We got as far as appetizers and soup/salad and then the rain came down in buckets.  This venue is open air, so we ran for cover and had to figure out "Plan B", which ended up being the French Restaurant again and it was very good.  Even the gals who did not dine with us initially thought it was much better than expected.   We were bummed to miss the other restaurant, we were all looking forward to what we had ordered.  I guess we'll have to go back there next time!

Two significant changes at the resort from the last time I was there, the Piano Bar is still called that, but there is no longer a piano!  Now there is a dance floor and DJ booth, lights along both sides of the DJ booth and nightly DJ dancing or Karaoke.  Now they just need to change the name of the venue!  I am happy that they have added some additional nightly entertainment options.  Usually, the DJ or Karaoke would be held from 10pm-1am.  The venue closes at 1am.  

The other change is that the chairs around the main & infinity pools no longer have cushions.  The chairs that are used for "in the water" that never had cushions are now the norm around these pools.  So if you want a chair with cushions, you have to go to the adult pool.  Super bummed about that because those chairs with the cushions were very comfortable.  That being said, I didn't remember that the chairs had cushions until I re-read my review from 2015!

All in all, we had a great time and not a single complaint from anyone in our group.  This was my annual "gal pal" trip with friends from childhood & we all have fairly decent expectations of what we want.  Another great travel tip...if you're going to a resort and plan to be by the pool all day, bring your insulated cup!  This year myself and another friend surprised our group with personalized cups, we didn't communicate this- so everyone had two cups!  Worked well as we could keep water cold in one and an adult beverage in the other!  I did not get a "group photo" of the other set of cups- but they all had unique sayings on them: "Shut Up Liver", "Sip sip hooray", "Liquid Sunshine", etc. and then "Cabo 2019" on all of them.  Great gifts!