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2021 Walt Disney World *Covid*

Here at Pams Path to Travel, the majority of us are all BIG Disney fans!  In fact, about 4 years ago three of my agents were all at Disneyland at the same time and it was not even planned!!  The fact that Disneyland has been closed since March of 2020 has been sad for many of us here & collectively, our agents have had to cancel about 10 trips of their own personal travels to Disneyland that were planned for 2020.  This does not include trips that they had planned for their clients!   One of our agents, Lisa decided to visit a friend in Florida and go to Walt Disney World to fulfill her Disney Fix!   She has traveled there twice since this year has begun and has another trip scheduled for April.  I asked her to write up a little review for us about her experiences regarding the parks, resorts and their covid protocols.   This is what she had to say.............

I visited Disney World in January and February 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These were some of my observations regarding Park Covid Protocols:

To enter any of the Disney Parks, you need to wear a mask and have your temperature checked. If you are carrying a bag, they will also check your bags. However, they now have scanners that you walk though with your bags to minimize contact.  They will only go through your bags if the machine detects something.

The masks must be worn at all times, except if you are eating or drinking. You also need to be stationed somewhere to eat or drink, you cannot just walk around eating and drinking. They just came out with a new policy that requires you to wear masks in restaurants at the table until your food has arrived.

They have a new system for you to order your food from the Quick Service Restaurants on your My Disney Experience App. You place the order and they give you a return time to come pick up your order. I found it very easy to use. 

I didn't have any reservations for a sit down restaurant this trip so I can't really comment on it. 

I noticed that each park opened earlier than the posted opening time. This made it really nice to get on the rides that would have longer lines later in the day. The lines seemed long, but looked longer than they actually were since they had people social distanced in line.

Currently, there are no parades or fireworks and some shops and restaurants are closed. It makes it look like the parks are crowded, but if those things were open, it would spread people out a little more.

As for my experience staying at one of the Disney Resorts:

I stayed in a standard view room Pop Century for my February trip. This was my first time at this hotel. You can check in online right after you make your hotel reservations. It asks you for an email address and phone number so they can send you messages while you are there, what time you plan to arrive, a Credit Card  if you would like to have anything charged to your room, you set up a hotel pin number, and advise if you would like housekeeping service or not, and any additional room requests. You will receive a text or email when your room is ready so there is no need to go to the front desk to check in.

Your room can be unlocked from either a Magic Band or on your phone through the My Disney Experience App. I don't know if they are taking your luggage to your room for you right now since I went straight to my room when it was ready with my luggage.

At Pop Century, each building of the hotel is themed from the 1950's through the 1990's. Things like a giant Rubix Cube, rollerblades, yo yo's, to Play Dough. The rooms are on the smaller side, but if you aren't in your room very much, they are great! They had placed the remote and other high touched areas in plastic and had a sticker on them telling you that these items had been cleaned & sanitized. You can decline housekeeping to minimize contact, which we opted for, so no one came to the room while I was there.  Pop Century resort is allows for very convenient access to Epcot or Hollywood Studios via the new Skyliner transportation option.

Overall, I felt that Disney was doing a very good job and keeping guests and cast members safe during this challenging time.   I will be returning again towards the end of March and will be staying at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and will report back on our stay.