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August 1-8, 2012



I just returned from spending one week at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort.  Overall, we had a pretty good time.  The resort is very large and very spreadout.  It is build on a hillside, so your main mode of transporation around the resort are on the "buggies"- aka golf carts.  They run very frequently and get you anywhere you want to go around the resort.    We had asked to be in a building that was convenient to the Montecristo Estates, which is where our friends were staying (these are time share villas located on the property).   

We had an Executive Suite, which was a full bedroom and full living room, kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, lots of closet space and a patio that spanned the bedroom/living room with two sliding glass doors.  We didn't use the patio too much though because of the mosquito issues.  My biggest complaint with this resort is that they don't seem to be treating it as they should for the mosquito season.  I spoke to several hotels during my stay (see my other reviews of those resorts) and found that this season is worse that normal and that most resorts have increased the number of times they are spraying.  I had over 60 mosquito bites at last count.  At one point I was ready to pack up my bags and come home 2 days early because I was misearable from the itching, scratching and wanting to sleep without hearing a mosquito buzz in my ear!    I spoke to several other guests and I was not alone, although in our group of people I was the worst.

Since we were staying for a full week, we decided to try the "all-inclusive" product for our first 4 days and then took off our "inclusive" bracelets for the remaining three days.  Unless you are going to drink like a fish (which some people do), I don't think that the all-inclusive is really worth it at this resort.  If we wanted to add on the inclusive to our final three nights it would have been $180/day and then you really feel as though you should eat/drink at the resort to get your money's worth.   Since we weren't so restricted like that, we were able to go out and dine in town.  I have to say that I enjoyed doing this and I was not very impressed with most of the food or service at the resort. 

Our first evening we dined at Le Bistro.  We saw the menu and thought to ouselves, "wow, what a great menu, we'll never run out of choices this week", well we ordered Nachos for an appetizer that were just mediocre, Bill had the Shrimp Cocktail that was very bland and for our meal I had ordered the Arracherra Steak which was not cooked to my liking and it was a very thick piece of meat, usually this type of Steak is thinly sliced.  Bill had the sushi and was very happy with his choice.  Now one might ask why I didn't send my steak back to have it cooked a bit more, well the waiter, "Eddy", NEVER came back to check on us.   It also took two requests to get our second glasses of wine and we were never offered coffee or dessert.  We left that restaurant with a nasty taste in our mouths and it was clear if you weren't wearing the "bracelets" you got much better attention...and probably the better meals.

Another evening we dined at the buffet restaurant, La Nao.  I was apprehensive because the theme this night was "Mermaid"- a.k.a. Seafood and I don't eat any Seafood, but my husband loves it.  I called ahead to ask if there were "non-fish" items on the menu and they said that there was.  Well, we had very good service from our waiter Jose.  He refilled the wine without asking, he was always there to find out how we liked our meal, etc.  My only complaint here would be that the only non-fish item to order was the Surf 'n Turf--at an additional surcharge.  I gave Bill my "surf" and ate the "turf", steak.  This steak was a different cut and was much better and cooked as ordered than the previous evening.  

We never made it out of our rooms in time for breakfast, but did order Room Service on our last morning before our bracelets became invalid at 11am and the mean was lukewarm, but our room had a microwave and I was able to reheat the meal.  By far, not the best breakfast that I've ever had.   A few mornings we picked up donuts and muffins at the "Deli" store, but most days we just did without breakfast.

Lunch was always poolside and probably the best meals at the resort.  I had plenty of cheeseburgers throughout the week and they were consistently good.  Bill orderd a variety of fish tacos, ceviche, quesadillas and all were very good.   Bill did order a Thai Salad one day and it was bland and the chicken was unseasoned, but shame on Bill for ordering Thai food in Mexico!!!

Bar service at the pools was very good.  In fact, we spent 2 days at the Main Pool and 3 days at the Sky Pool.  Because we were with a group of people, they picked the Main Pool days and we joined them, but we enjoyed having a few quiet days by the Sky Pool and making new friends.  Our waiter "Andres" was always very attentive and took very good care of us.  In fact, the second day we were there he automatically showed up to our chairs with two Margaritas.  

We have learned that even at an all-inclusive- at least in Mexico, you should come prepared with a stack of one dollar bills and tip when you order and you will get wonderful service throughout your stay.   So we tipped Andres at the beginning of the day $5-6 and then at the end of the day, depending upon the total of our check, he got another tip.  He really did take care of us and we ate and drank for pennies on the dollar.

As for entertainment, you really don't have nightlife at this resort.  Most people take a taxi into town for $3 per person and visit the "hot spots".  We did venture into town three times for dinner and one of those times went "clubbing".   Some of the hot spots would be Cabo Wabo, Squid Roe and The Mango Deck.

We went out to dinner at Pancho's, La Fonda and The Office and I have to say that all three restaurants were very good.  Our friends who vacation in Cabo annually have scoped out the places that they have liked and knew where to take us.   For once I was not the planner in the group!

All in all, the resort is beautiful, the rooms more than adequate and the pools are fantastic.  A few great Infinity pools, which are just amazing!  The resort is located on the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo, which means you have a beautiful sand beach, but always displayed with the RED caution flag- NO SWIMMING in the ocean.    For us, that didn't make any difference because we are not ocean swimmers.  It is nice to have the Ocean Breeze of the Pacific to help cool things down a bit, that is something that you don't really get in town on the Sea of Cortez side.

Cabo is a wonderful destination from San Francisco, only a quick 3 hour flight and we have non-stop service with Alaska, United and my favorite- Virgin America.   Weather is warm year round and they get very little rain each year.  Only caution is the potential for Hurricanes from July-October, but the season on this side is not as busy as the Caribbean side.    I will return to Cabo for another beach vacation at some point.  I really liked a few of the resorts that we toured on this trip (see the reviews HERE) and I would return to Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach again, but only if we are with our friends who are timeshare owners.


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