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Land Vacation Reviews

Welcome to my section dedicated to reviews of land vacations and also hotel inspections.  I feel that it is very important for me to write down about my experiences and impressions when I take my own vacations and/or inspect hotels.  I do try to inspect a few hotels each time I take a land based vacation or happen to be visiting a "repeat" port of call on a ship, so that I can expand my knowledge and better serve you with choosing the perfect destination for your land vacation.

Keep in mind that my travel experiences far exceed what is represented here, simply because when I used to "work for someone else", I did not take notes with the intention of publishing it on a website.  Since Pams Path to Travel was opened in 2005, I make it a point to take detailed notes on each of my vacations so that I can report back to you ~ my valued clients ~! 

My memory banks still hold many details and impressions from trips I've taken pre-2005, and I am always happy to share that information when needed.

Enjoy the reading ~ keep on dreaming about that next vacation! I'm here to help make that dream vacation, a dream come true!!


Enjoy these pictures that were either taken from my own vacations or from those of my clients: